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Why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.
Implementation Intentions as a solution to 4 problems in our goal pursuit I'm often asked what someone should do to reduce procrastination. One of my most common answers is, "It's not enough to have a goal intention, you need to have an implementation intention too." Today, I explain what an implementation intention is and how it works to overcome four common problems in goal pursuit.

Here is an Amazon link for The thief of time: Philosophical essays on procrastination

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Avoiding what might have been: An interview with Dr. Fuschia Sirois When we don't get the results we expect or hope for, we can imagine different outcomes, both better and worse. These are known as upward and downward counterfactuals. In the podcast today, I interviewed Dr. Fuschia Sirois from the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada) who has explored the relation between counterfactuals and procrastination.

I've written about one of Fuschia's studies on my Psychology Today blog. You can find it here at Avoiding What Might Have Been.

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Listener feedback episode: Comments about the weekly podcast schedule (and other things) This is an extra podcast for the week. The focus is on listener feedback, particularly replies to whether or not I should podcast less frequently. The feedback was unanimous, keep it weekly, at least while you're able to on your sabbatical. I will.

Although I'm posting this to address the issue of podcast frequency, the listeners' comments and my feedback may interest you in terms of strategies for dealing with procrastination.

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Approach and avoidance goals: What's the difference in terms of procrastination? Welcome to the first podcast of 2010! Today, I summarize a study completed as part of an M.A. thesis by Matt Dann. Matt explored the relation of approach and avoidance goals, as well as approach and avoidance personality with procrastination. His findings provide some insight into how we might more successfully re-frame our tasks to be approach rather than avoidance goals.

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