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Bedtime Procrastination

An interview with Dr. Joel Anderson, philosopher, researcher and lecturer Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands. Joel explains the research that has come out of the Utrecht research group - Promoting Effective Intentions: Volitional Scaffolding, Implementation Intentions, and Bedtime Procrastination -  on bedtime procrastination. He introduces us to notions of volitional systems, extended will, and how we can nudge ourselves towards our goals. You will find lots in this interview while learning how we can take advantage of our better selves to work past our more difficult moments of procrastination.  You'll learn about the role of self knowledge in self regulation, and most importantly what might work for you.

A reference I promised in the podcast today related to event segmentation theory:

Judah, G., Gardner, B., & and Aunger, R. (2013). Forming a flossing habit: An exploratory study of the psychological determinants of habit formation. British Journal of Health Psychology, 18, 338–353.

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