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Why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.
In search of the Arousal Procrastinator I work better under pressure. . . Really? I don't believe you, and one of our latest studies casts doubt on the construct of the arousal procrastinator. This week, I discuss arousal-based personality traits, procrastination and working at the last minute because you enjoy the rush. Like the podcast? Want to learn more? You can at procrastination.ca.
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Self-forgiveness and procrastination This week, I'm discussing a very interesting finding in some of our research. We studied how self-forgiveness affected procrastination. The reasoning was that procrastination can be viewed as a transgression against the self. Like other transgressions in our lives, if we don't forgive, we experience negative emotions and tend to avoid. Self-forgiveness is a route to healing and moving ahead. You can always learn more at procrastination.ca (check out the blog at Psychology Today).
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Procrastination and Guilt A second podcast for Monday, July 13th as I try to sort out a technical issue with my recording.

The topic is guilt, the most common emotion associated with procrastination. I'll follow up on this next week with a podcast about some of our latest research on self-forgiveness and procrastination.
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Giving in to feel good: Why self-regulation fails iProcrastinate Podcasts are back! I'm on sabbatical, and I'll be making a weekly post for the next year as I do my research and writing on, what else, procrastination. Nothing like a sabbatical to give me the extra time needed to get to these podcasts.

This week, I'm speaking about emotional regulation. In particular, I discuss research that shows how our short-term strategy of feeling good now, undermines our goal pursuit and causes problems in many areas of our lives. For references related to this podcast see my blog at Psychology Today that is linked at my homepage: procrastination.ca

It's good to be back. I hope you'll give me your feedback.

Note: I recognize some strange recording issue with this podcast, and I'll do my best to sort this out for next week. If you know what I'm doing wrong, please let me know. FYI - I'm using a Zoom H2 recorder to create the podcast, importing the file into iTunes and then inserting it as an MP3 file into Garageband. The recording on the H2 and in Garageband does not have the strange electronic echo that the podcast has. I will also use the Zoom H2 as a USB microphone.
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