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Active Procrastination: Clarifying the Concept

A chat with Shamarukh Chowdhury about her research on active procrastination. Together, we clarify the concept of procrastination and do a little "myth busting" around the concept of active procrastination; a concept that we call an oxymoron that may be better understood as two types of delay - it's not "procrastination" at all.

Here's an earlier blog post on this topic, and below that are references to the original studies.


Relevant research references:

Chu, A. H. C., & Choi, J. N. (2005). Rethinking procrastination: positive effects of “active” procrastination behaviour on attitudes and performance. The Journal of Social Psychology, 145(3), 245-264.

Choi, J. N., & Moran, S. V. (2009). Why not procrastinate? Development and validation of a new active procrastination scale. Journal of Social Psychology, 149 (2), 195-211.

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