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Why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.
Fear of Failure and Procrastination In this episode, we explore how fear of failure has been identified as a factor in our understanding of procrastination. Specifically, Dr. Pychyl discusses evaluation anxiety, perfectionism and low self-confidence as issues related to procrastination and what we might do to address these problematic irrational thoughts.
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iProcrastinate podcasts are back! - Cognitive Restructuring and Strengthening Volition After nearly 4 months away, finally, another episode on dealing with procrastination. We pick up where we left off in May with a discussion of two other strategies to deal with procrastination: restructuring how we think about our tasks and strengthening our volition to get the task done. Please note that I have increased the volume in the recording, but I noticed some popping sounds with my microphones. I will continue to refine the recording (I've changed some of my equipment). Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming!
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Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination Part I: Dealing with Avoidance This is the first in a three-part podcast where we begin to discuss strategies for overcoming procrastination. The content is based on a research paper published by Wendelein Van Eerde in the journal, Applied Psychology: An International Review (see www. procrastination.ca and the podcast link for reference details). In this podcast, we explore 3 strategies for overcoming avoidance with specific examples related to academic procrastination.
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Taxes and other aversive stuff: Why do we put it off? (Why not!?)

Why do so many of us procrastinate on our taxes? Isn't the saner question, who doesn't? Who likes doing taxes? In fact, that's part of the answer to why we put it off - it's aversive! But, what does aversive mean? We explore a little bit of this based on research about personal projects and task aversiveness. Although we focus on tax preparation, this research speaks to any task we find aversive and what this means to procrastination.

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The Positive Side of Planning: Why a time management approach might work Although I argued in the last podcast that procrastinators are not "broken" and that buying a daytimer or creating a schedule isn't a magic solution to procrastination, a time management approach can be beneficial. In this podcast we consider research that explains how this might work. (Check out www.procrastination.ca for the Carpe Diem cartoon feature for March.)
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Time Management and procrastination: How not to carpe diem!

This week, we consider how even apparently good intentions like making a schedule can contribute to procrastination. We focus this dicussion on a new cartoon strip, "Carpe Diem," that you can find at www.procrastination.ca

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Personality and Procrastination Part 2: The Five Factor Model of Traits predicts procrastination

In this podcast, we extend the "colour wheel" metaphor with the Five Factor Model of personality ("the big five") and briefly summarize some key relations of the major personality traits with procrastination.

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Personality and Procrastination Part 1:

In this podcast, we focus on what many personality psychologists consider to be the fundamental traits. Using the metaphor of the primary colours, we consider the "primary colours" of personality and briefly define the "Big Five Model" of personality. We will expand on this to relate these traits to procrastination in the next podcast.

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Introducing iProcrastinate Podcasts - What is procrastination?

This was my first podcast back in January of 2006. The original recording was poorly done, but thanks to a generous listener, it has been greatly improved. Thanks Lucas! In this podcast, I introduce the purpose of the podcasts and spend time discussing the definition of procrastination. This discussion is not just theoretical, and you'll find insights into why we procrastinate.

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