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Self-Compassion, Stress and Procrastination

An interview with Dr. Fuschia Sirois about how self-compassion plays a role in the relation between procrastination and stress. Self-compassion involves taking a kind, compassionate and accepting stance towards oneself in instances of suffering due to forces beyond one's control as well as when suffering is due to personal failings.

Dr. Sirois' latest research has shown that measures of procrastination are negatively related to self-compassion. In other words, procrastinators are less self-compassionate. Most importantly, this research suggests that lower levels of self-compassion may explain some of the stress experienced by procrastinators - stress that has been shown to increase illness and decrease well-being. Her research also suggests that interventions that promote self-compassion could be very helpful. In this podcast, Dr. Sirois explains her research and interprets these findings for us.

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I close the podcast with a song entitled "Procrastination" by Matt Weidinger

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