iProcrastinate Podcast
Why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.
Teenagers, Identity Crises and Procrastination What am I? Who am I? Not surprisingly, if you can't answer these questions, you're more likely to procrastinate. In this podcast, I review a recent study that explores how identity development is related to procrastination.
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Structured Procrastination: When all else fails I am working on this podcast as a way of not doing other things that I should be doing - reading final papers, editing manuscripts, writing a letter of reference - at least that's what John Perry would argue. This is the essence of his concept, structured procrastination. Perry, a professor of philosophy at Stanford University, will even sell you the t-shirt! Learn more about how structured procrastination may allow you to harness a liability to create an asset in your life. Get some tasks done while you're trying to avoid others.
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