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The Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the Right Way

Here's an interview with psychologist and author, Dr. Guy Winch (guywinch.com). Guy explains how we can learn new strategies to more effectively complain constructively, much like we might learn to provide constuctive criticism to foster more positive outcomes. The power of this perspective is in dealing with important issues more effectively whether these be complaints to a retailer, bureaucrat, coworker or partner. When we learn to deal with our complaints more constructively we are less likely to avoid or put-off seeking resolution which reduces the destructive processes of rumination and resentment. We complain more effectively to those who can do something about the issue, and we stop burdening our friends and family with our resentment and unproductive complaints.

I think you'll enjoy the interview, as we can learn a great deal from Guy about his work as a psychotherapist and his focus on "complaining the right way."

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